Birthright – video commentary from Storytellin on Vimeo.

BIRTHRIGHT from Sean Mullens on Vimeo.

BirthRight by Sean Mullens

I was checking out my buddies blog today and I just to share this with you.

Sean Mullens has put together an amazing video that captures his friend

Michaels everyday life.  Michael loves to surf and uses it as his way to be free.

While most people would use their weight reduction medication disability as an excuse…  that is not the

case with Michael.  He refuses to let an accident that happend over 30 years

stop him from enjoying his life.

Michael is proof that God give’s each and everyone of you… myself included

the ability to motivate and help others. You have 2 ways at looking at life

everyday when you wake up.  You can either sit around and mope about your

money problems… disabilities…  weight problems…  WHATEVER… or you can

choose to turn all the negatives into a positive and be happy you’re even alive.

It’s a simple choice.  It’s either Yes I want to be happy… or no I want to be

miserable and bring everyone down with me. I hope you can learn something

from Seans incredible friend Michael.

Have an Awesome Day,

The Blakester

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